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The scam did not come from here. I am just letting people know I will report them. I have removed my info off the post.

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The Wizard

Dear Crystal, in your recent post you are referring to some wrong doing and ‘scamming people’. Please, use the link below to get to the Abuse/Warning page and post a detailed message there. Warning others may help them to avoid such situations. One more thing – Crystal, don’t list your email and physical address. If someone wishes to communicate with you he/she can do it safely via Aidpage.
Abuse / Warning Page

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I have browsed that site many times. They mostly help with particular cancers, children, people with medical expenses and such. I have great insurance, we do not qualify for medicaid/medicare, we do not qualify for SSI, SSD and the like. Thank you for you recommendation. We have been through churches, they require a referral from DSS. Salvation Army gave some food, denied other help, United Way the same.

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Dear Crystal, here is a page of links that offer financial assistance to cancer patients that might be of assistance:
financial assistance for cancer patients

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I am sorry but I am very leary of work at home offers. I cannot afford to lose the money that most offers cost.

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Hello, my name is Crystal. I am 38 and was diagnosed with colon cancer November, 2005. I was told it had spread to my uterus and lungs in March. I had surgery for the colon cancer in December and had to have a total hysterectomy in March. I will need to have radiation iodine treatment for my thyroid in September. Due to this the doctors have put off chemo. I have been unable to work. My husband works form 3:30 a.m. till 6 p.m. and we are behind on some of our bills. We are almost caught up, we just need a little help. I have been diagnosed with an anterior Mediastinal Mass/Thymoma. I have lung cancer I am undergoing further testing to determine what treatments would be best for me. The only reason we are struggling right now is my health and the fact the doctors will not let me work. We need help with electric, phone, clothes, food and gas for doctors appointments. We appreciate any help. I can provide verification of this. We have tried every resource form DSS to the Red Cross and we can not qualify for help due to income. If you are able to help God Bless you.

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